Getting Ready for Music Festivals

wakarusa3It’s summer, which means it’s festival season, and it seems as though there are dozens of new music festivals popping up every year. This is great news for music-lovers but it’s hard to enjoy anything if you’re sunburned and dehydrated. For those multi-day camping festivals, you want to be sure that you’ve got what you need to enjoy every day.

  • Cash – More and more festival vendors take cards, but there are still those who do cash only. While you can typically find ATMs at festivals you want to avoid spending 45 minutes in line waiting to use one.
  • Phone charger – You want to be able to capture every memorable moment and meet back up with your friends after you got lost a the gyro stand! A lot of festivals offer free phone charging but it’s nice to have your own just in case.
  • Trash bag – Most festivals are pretty good about handing out trash and recycling bags, which makes sense because somebody has to clean up after everybody leaves. It never hurts to bring a bag just in case.
  • Headlamp – You’ve got to be able to see your way back to your tent after your last show of the night.
  • Shade – Whether you’re using a fancy sunshade or rigging a tarp to tent poles, you will want a little cabana to hide from the sun.
  • Sunglasses – Not only will they make help you look fresh, they’re absolutely necessary when you’re sitting in the sun all day.
  • Sun hat – You will literally be red in the face if you forget this.
  • Sun screen – There’s a fine line between a healthy glow and lobster red. Use it!
  • Rain gear – You know, a nice shower to break up the blazing sun can be refreshing, but when it pours after the sun goes down it’s considerably less pleasant.
  • The X Factor – Probably one of the most forgotten items is the elusive can opener. The frustrating part about forgetting a can opener is you are rendered helpless, separated from your food by the thinnest layer of metal.
  • Water – The Holy Grail of music festival supplies. You simply can’t get enough water during a festival. Take that as a personal challenge. Seriously, bring lots of this stuff.

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