Do You Need a Flashlight for Summer Adventures?

utahThere are some items of gear that we tend to associate with seasons — and somtimes we’re wrong. Sunglasses, for example, seem to a lot of people like something you use only in the summer. In fact, you need them in snowy weather, too, since the sun reflects very strongly off the chilly white stuff.

Flashlights are like that, too. Many of us think of them as something we need in the winter when it’s, you know, dark.

But while summer days are long, they don’t last forever. You may think you’ll be home before dark, but poor planning or just having a lot of fun can keep you out late, and once the sun goes down, it’s just as dark in the summer as in the winter.

It’s also dark in caves, and sometimes even in deep forest. One guy we know ran into some quicksand in a deep canyon. We like non-Newtonian fluids as much as the next guy, but quicksand in the dark can be alarming.

Still, in the summer you want to travel light. If you’re out for a day of discovery and adventure, you may grudge every extra ounce you have to put into your day pack. Some of us only want what we can put in our pockets on a hot weather hike. This is what brings people down to trying to make their cell phones stand in for flashlights. That’s fine for trying to unlock your door or something, but out in the wilderness, you need to save your phone’s battery life for emergency use. Or at least for taking great pictures.

Fenix flashlights are a solution. While Fenix makes a full range of flashlights, we’re especially partial to the keychain models. With one AA battery, you get 117 lumens — enough to get you out of the quicksand or back on the trail.

They’re streamlined and stylish, so you’ll enjoy carrying them and maybe even showing them off. We have a good selection in the store right now, so come into Uncle Sam’s in Evelyn Hills, Fayetteville, Arkansas, and check them out.

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