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Uncle Sam's Safari Outfitters located in Fayetteville, ARThis week is Small Business Week in the United States and we’re proud to be part of the outdoor gear small business community in Northwest Arkansas. We believe in the power of locally owned and operated stores that make positive impacts in their communities—and that’s part of why we’re in business.

We believe that small gear companies can provide better service than huge conglomerates because we’re passionate about the same things as our customers. Our employees are just as much focused on that next adventure as you are and their experience shows. Need advice on the best places to go try out your new rock climbing shoes? We can help.

Instead of rushing to the new huge sporting goods stores in Northwest Arkansas, consider coming into our store first. Our prices are often better than the big box stores in town because of our special relationships with outdoor gear manufacturers. Our service is always better, because we take the time to listen to you and we’re knowledgeable about outdoor sports. What’s even more important is what you’re doing for Northwest Arkansas when you buy from us.

When you buy from us, we pay our bills with that money. It  goes to things like rent, utilities, our employees and great gear companies we buy inventory from. Part of it also goes to supporting local events that we sponsor. Our rent helps protect other local businesses in Evelyn Hills shopping center from being snapped up by a large company. Our utilities help pay for local infrastructure. Our employees are members of our community who make positive monetary and social contributions to Northwest Arkansas. And buying from great gear companies helps keep them around. When you buy from us, you’re really buying a small portion of Northwest Arkansas.

So why not celebrate small business week this year by supporting your favorite local businesses with that purchase you’ve been meaning to make for a while? We’d love to see you and thank you for your business. Without you, we wouldn’t be here and that’s not something we’ll ever forget.


  1. We can appreciate your enthusiasm for celebrating small business week but we have not given it a second thought.Frankly, our businesses a B2B one and we doubt our customers would take us seriously if we try upselling our remediation equipment by saying that them doing so shows her support for small business.

    • Uncle Sam says:

      As an ecommerce company, you probably don’t have the kind of local community involvement we’re talking about. It may be that Small Business Week makes less sense for companies like yours than it does for us. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

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