Freezing to Death

"frozen world..." by Adrian DreßlerIt’s nearly summer now but we urge you to read through an engrossing article about what it means to freeze to death. We promise, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it until you’ve reached the conclusion. First published in Outside Magazine in 1997, it appeared this January on their website to help promote the author’s newest book that hit shelves in March. While you’re probably thinking that it’s strange for us to highlight a story about hypothermia in May, now is the best time of year to stock up on winter gear.

It might seem counterintuitive to buy winter gear out of season but not only can you get a better deal on last season’s favorites but you can also take your time to figure out exactly what you want. One of the downfalls of buying winter equipment is that most folks wait until they need it immediately instead of really weighing out the options to get what’s right for them. So while you’re rushing to get summer gear for your trips this year, think about avoiding that when the temperatures start to drop and you’re heading out for frozen adventures.

When you’re looking for winter gear during warmer months, you can really take time to inspect what you’re considering buying. Since there’s little rush, you can come in, check out what we have to offer when you’re buying your summer gear, and then return to make your final decision. In normal situations, if you snooze you lose and miss out on popular, must-have items. That’s not usually the case during the off-season!

Come on in and see what we have in the store for off-season wear to take full advantage of leisurely shopping at its best for gear.

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