Preparedness Packs

"Earthquake Survival Kit" by Global XIt’s a great to create a pack with all your essentials in it in case of a disaster. This week’s tornadoes remind us that it’s time to update our packs, check the contents, and do a little bit of preparedness maintenance. If you don’t have a go bag or emergency preparedness bag ready, it’s time to make one.

The idea behind an emergency preparedness bag or kit is that it will help you get through the first 72 hours of an emergency or disaster. has great resources if you’re just getting started with an emergency kit and a good list for basics. There’s a big difference, however, between an emergency bag that you grab and quickly take to shelter and a kit that keeps you safe if you’re trapped in your home and have to get by.

If you already have an emergency bag, here’s some steps to make sure everything is good to go:

  1. Pull everything out of your bag.
  2. Check the dates on all of your food items to make sure they’re still good to use through the year.
  3. Go through your items one by one and ask yourself, “Is this still relevant to my needs?”
  4. Check items like radios and water filters that they’re still in working order.
  5. Even if your batteries aren’t old, replace them with new ones for battery-operated items.
  6. If you have extra clothing in your pack, be sure that it still fits well.

We carry almost everything you need for an emergency preparedness pack to help you get through a short period of time, including great bags that are perfect for the job. A few extra items can go a long way to making your emergency kit more functional for a real emergency!

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