Buy Quality for Less Rubbish

rotationThree artists scoured the beaches of England and collected trash. Then they turned that trash into wearable shoes.

The film begins with the statement that everything we buy is rubbish — and there’s a sense in which that’s true. Unless you buy for the long run, the things you buy will be useful for only a short time. “Contemporary footwear spends barely a fraction of its life hugging a foot,” the filmmakers point out at their website. “For the majority of its life it is rubbish.”

Our idea about outdoor gear is that you buy the best quality you’re able to and make it last as long as possible.

We stock high quality gear, including military surplus, because we believe good gear is what’s required to get the most out of our adventures. Of course, gear is a really personal thing and different things work best for different people. That’s also why we focus on helping you choose what’s right for you.

Next time you throw away a pair of rock climbing shoes because they couldn’t hold up to the test, come visit us at our store in the Evelyn Hills shopping center and we’ll help find you a better climbing shoe that will go the distance and last longer. We can help you do this for almost any kind of gear you need. Ditch the low cost gear that breaks in a few uses and instead do something good for the planet and buy quality gear made to last.

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