Preparing for Summer Music Festivals

"Bonnaroo_190640 20130614" by Matthew ToshCoachella officially kicked off the summer music festivals last week and if you’re heading to a music venue for a multi-day fest, take this as your reminder to start prepping now. Getting together the right gear for a music festival is key to enjoying it fully. Who wants to be focused on being cold, wet, and uncomfortable when their favorite band is playing?

Your tent is your home at a music fest and when you’re living in a tent city, there are a number of things you can do to make your tent better. First, choose a tent that has enough space for all your friends and all your gear. Ground cover for underneath your tent is a great idea to keep you high and dry but also make sure to invest in good waterproofing. When you set up camp, be sure to pick a high spot so you don’t float away if there’s a storm, and stake your camp down well! No one likes to go back to camp at the end of a great day to find the tent is gone.

Air mattresses add extra weight but if you’re camping out for a few days at a venue, they’re worth the investment to keep you in good shape to stand on your feet all day long. The same goes for a camp chair so you can sit and hang out with friends outside of your tent.

Most summer festivals are in warm locales, so take that into account when choosing a sleeping bag. Sleeping bag liners are perfect for summer because they’re comfortable and keep the chill off enough without getting too warm.

If you’re bringing food with you, you’ll want to invest in a great cooler. Food is one of the most expensive things at music festivals apart from the tickets. Instead, stock up on cheap, filling eats and spend your money enjoying the festival instead of waiting in line for a not so tasty, overpriced hot dog.

A first timer mistake is to not bring a supply of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and baby wipes with you for the music festival. Festivals are notorious not only for having pretty gross port-a-potties but also for running out of supplies as soon as the festival begins. You’ll also want to bring some supplies to clean up with over the course of the festival since there’s likely to be spilt beer and a certain kind of festival funk after your first day.

If you’re headed to a music fest this summer, be sure to stop in and stock up on supplies—the right gear can make your music festival experience a total blast instead of a total drag.

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