Warning: Spring Rock Falls & Low Temperatures

Rancheria Falls by susanlk74Last week, Yosemite National Park officials announced that part of the popular Rancheria Falls Trail is closed in the Hetch Hetchy area of the park due to a rock fall. In the spring when ice starts to melt and geological forces take their toll on cliffs, there are more incidents like this where rocks break off and fall from high areas. It’s rare that they’re spotted, let alone cause injuries, in parks like Yosemite, so closing the park is an event.

Rock falls aren’t the only dangers you might encounter in early spring.

We’re reminded that winter isn’t quite over for all the country with this week’s colder temperatures — and some areas of the country are just starting to warm up. If you’re planning a trip to a park or destination in a northern area of the world, you’ll want to still take winter precautions. Remember the snow storm we had last May out of nowhere? Imagine that in Yosemite or another northern park—it’d be enough to really make an impact on your trip.

When you’re traveling to a generally cold location in the early spring, make sure you take all of your winter gear with you to be prepared. You can always take layers off when you get hot but if you run out of layers when it’s too cold, you could be putting yourself in serious danger. Be extra vigilant about getting wet in early spring when soaking rains can often bring lower temperatures.

Visiting in spring can certainly bring rewards! With rains come beautiful waterfalls, typically at their peak in May. You’ll also be treated to the first spring blooms and greenery as well as animals returning to the area.

Caves and bluffs are often more visible in the early spring, too, when new growth hasn’t filled out enough to hide the bones of the scenery. This is also when snakes begin to show themselves and baby animals can make wildlife mamas more nervous and protective — read more dangerous — than usual.

The solution? Keep alert and make sure you have all the gear you need with you. Spring is a wonderful time to get outdoors, as long as you’re prepared.

If you’re planning an early spring trip, be sure to stop by and we’ll help you gear up for all the challenges that might face you.


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