Be Healthy Now to be Smarter Later

"The out of breath photographer" by Charles KnowlesA new study in the journal Neurology discovered that how fit you are in your twenties determines how fit your brain will be when you reach middle age. They found that people who could run farther and faster on a treadmill when they were 25 years younger had better memories and could solve problems more readily than those who were less fit in the treadmill test.

What does this mean? If you’re not focusing on having a healthy lifestyle full of physical activity, you’re setting yourself up to be less smart than you could be later on in life. The better off you are when you’re young, be better off you’ll be when you’re older—it’s not a hard concept to figure!

Playing in the outdoors is one great way to get physical exercise and drive yourself to be active. If you hate running on a treadmill, don’t worry—the scientists linked cardiorespiratory strength, not running prowess, to smarts later in life. There are plenty of other sports that can give your heart and lungs a serious workout.

Hiking and camping over long distances, for instance, is a serious cardiorespiratory workout. When you’re carrying your campsite on your back while conquering boulders and steep trails, you’re panting and that’s great for your brain!

Climbing requires a lot of heart and lung health too and is perfect for those who love a more intense competitive sort of activity. You can compete against yourself and take part in a super strong community with other climbers—which they say also helps you live a better and longer life.

Let’s not forget other favorites, like kayaking, mountaineering, and spelunking. There are thousands of ways to keep yourself healthy and smart throughout your life. And if you’re getting a late start, late is better than never. Come and see us and we can help you find an outdoor sport to love and live long with.

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