New Study Says Canned Veggies Are Good for You

203:365 - Tomato-y Reds" by Nomadic LassA new study has concluded that canned vegetables are not necessarily less nutritious than fresh or frozen options.

The Center for Economic Analysis found that canned vegetables without added ingredients had a similar nutritional profile to fresh and frozen vegetables. In some cases, they were actually better than fresh produce from the grocery store, because the vegetables were processed right after harvest when the nutritional content is at the highest.

Most importantly from the point of view of the camper, canned foods are readily available and portable when fresh veggies might not be. Visions of fresh tomatoes in your backpack should make the point.

Canned food is heavy and you have to bring along a can opening tool, which means it can take up more space. Cans aren’t exactly the most packable shape ever. They’re not a good idea for long hikes or thru hikes because of their bulk and the need to pack out the cans.

If you’re going on a short trip or are doing some car camping, though, canned food might fit the bill. Canned beans, corn, and tomatoes can seriously lessen prep time.

Stock an Adventure Ready Pantry

If you’re looking to keep canned items in stock in your pantry at the ready for an impromptu adventure, we recommend having these items on hand:

  • beans like kidney, tri-bean, black beans, or pinto beans
  • tuna, salmon, and shrimp
  • fruits like peaches, apricots, pears, or mandarin oranges (less nutritious, but with a far longer shelf life than fresh)
  • tomato paste
  • fire roasted tomatoes
  • corn or hominy
  • chicken or turkey
  • carrots, peas, asparagus, or green beans
  • soups and other “complete meals”

At the campsite, throw a few of your canned items together with some spices and you’re ready for a delicious and nutritious dinner in no time.

For backpacking, you might prefer freeze-dried camping foods. We have a good selection at Uncle Sam’s!

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