60 Seconds of Success After Two Years of Failure

Would you spend two years of your life obsessed with sending a route just for 60 seconds of glory? It’s something almost every climber does at some point in their life if they really mean business. Concentrating on one climb, one making it over that one crux, is something that climbers who love the sport live for—and also is the reason why many people eventually leave the sports of rock climbing and bouldering. Ian Dory focused for two years on sending Paint it Black, a V15 route in the Rocky Mountains. He’s the subject of a new short film:

Ian Dory is not that different from most folks in Northwest Arkansas. He was going to school and working on his family farm while focusing on sending Paint it Black. Ian wasn’t a professional climber at the time; he just did it because he loves the sport. Ian now has sponsors, including 5ten, deter, and Adidas. But his priorities are still to make sure that his family is taken care of, from his wife to his grandfather.

You can follow Ian Dory’s adventures on his blog but there’s something for all of us to learn from Ian, not just climbers.

We are going to fail over and over again in life and sometimes the payoff from perseverence seems insignificant compared to other things in life—60 seconds of climbing for a two year investment seems like a terrible idea. But the reality is that 60 seconds changed Ian Dory’s life forever and had more of an impact than any of us can know except by experiencing the same kind of revelation against the odds as he did.

If you’re trying to accomplish something that feels impossible, don’t give up. Keep trying. Your 60 seconds of triumph might be just around the corner.

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