How to Make Outdoorsy Friends

friends-by- infraredhorsebiteOutdoorsy people run the gamut from introverted nature lovers who go hiking for the solitude to outgoing types who treat every excursion like a big party. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, it’s nice to have others to share your great discoveries with.

Connecting with people who love hiking, climbing, or camping as much as you do is a great way to find buddies for trips, learn more, and make new friends. But how can you connect?

  • Hang out at places where others do. If you’re a climber, for example, starting off at a local gym is a great way to make new friends who also enjoy climbing. The key is to introduce yourself and get to know the people who visit the gym often. There’s no need to be shy when you’re going to be grunting as you reach for a tough grab.
  • Attend area events. Whether you’re a spectator or a participant, if you’re a bit outgoing you’ll be able to meet a lot of people at different events surrounding your favorite activity. If you’re into hiking, you can try trail cleanups. Or if you love mountain biking, try going to the Fat Tire weekend in Eureka Springs.
  • Go to Meetups and Google Research. The internet is a great way of finding others in your area who love what you do. Meetup groups are a good place to start but you’ll likely find some forums, bloggers, or online groups who like to talk about the same outdoor things you love.
  • Be positive! While you won’t be best friends forever with everyone you meet, having an upbeat and happy attitude about meeting new people will go a long way to making new friends, and that includes how you feel about your skills. Don’t exaggerate to impress others when you’re starting out but don’t be down on yourself about how “terrible” you are either.

Of course getting to know the places where other people hang out is great, like regulars of our store!

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