Bring Your Dog With You: Enjoying The Outdoors with a Dog

dog-hiking-by Oakley OriginalsDogs are like humans—after the same routines week in and week out they can get bored. When you are itching to get out of your rut, it’s likely your dog is thinking the same thing. Dogs can be much more forgiving when it comes to being cooped up inside for long hours and rejoice at a walk through the neighborhood or a trip to the park. But take your dog to a new area and it will likely enjoy it even more.

Dogs are great friends to have outdoors too. Not only does their excitement rub off on you, they can also help if you ever run into trouble. A recent story of a man who was kept alive by his recently adopted shelter dog after a snowmobile accident is just one more testament to add to the long list of dogs who have come to the aid of their owners.

Top 4 Tips for Enjoying the Outdoors with a Dog

  1. Keep your dog prepared by staying up to date on vaccines and bring along a doggie-friendly first aid kit with tweezers for thorns, antiseptic for cuts, and a few socks and medical tape in case of paw injury.
  2. While it is tempting to let your dog go off leash, there are reasons to keep your dog under control. A dog can quickly bolt when something interesting catches attention, like a squirrel or skunk. But you never know what kind of wildlife your dog will encounter and it’s best to keep your dog and wildlife safe.
  3. Be sure your dog is wearing identification tags and be especially careful during hunting seasons if you’re out in the woods. Getting dog gear to increase visibility with an brightly colored vest and light up color is smart.
  4. Dogs can’t sweat so hiking in cooler temperatures is best but always be sure to bring along water and snacks. Dogs can even carry their own gear in dog packs!

We have plenty of specialty dog outdoor gear for the fun loving pooch in your family. Be sure to stop by!

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