Deep Fried Camping Fun

frying outside by  Mot the barberTomorrow is Mardi Gras, otherwise known as Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday. It’s the day when we get to eat as many fried foods as possible in preparation for changing habits during Lent—but we’re using it as a good excuse to review some camp cooking fun you can have the next time you’re out in the backwoods. So how exactly do you fry over a fire without it getting out of control? There are a few steps to should consider to keep you safe.

Use as little oil as possible to keep the amount of splatter and spillage down. When oil touches an open flame, it goes crazy and causes disasters—which is why deep frying a turkey for Thanksgiving is so dangerous. If you’re frying something like fish or potatoes, there’s no need for more than about 1/4 inch of oil to get a crispy outside.

Use a heavy pan, like a Dutch oven, to cook well. Keeping the temperature of the oil the same over a fire is really difficult. We recommend using charcoal and a Dutch oven raised up over the coals. Place the coals under the Dutch oven and on the lid to warm up the oil before putting in your food. Just before cooking, move the coals beneath to one spot so if the oil is too hot you have a cooler spot to cook in than the direct heat of the coals.

A splatter guard is always a good idea when you’re frying, whether inside or outside. A splatter guard is a simple wire mesh screen that fits on top of the pan. This will keep ash out of your frying pan and keep oil out of your fire. Win-win!

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