Cooking Bacon While Camping

Bacon-cooking-by-andy liangBacon—that delicious, fatty, crunchy must-have breakfast accessory. Waking up early as the sun is rising and enjoying the crisp morning air is beautiful when you add the scent of bacon and eggs on the fire. But the problem is cooking bacon over the fire is a pain. Bacon tends to burn in pans over the fire and create greasy messes as well as taking forever to cook thoroughly.

Sure, you could bring ready-cooked bacon, but then you’ll miss out on the wonderful smell.

There’s a better way—and you can save on having to clean up. All you need is a skewer and bacon!

First build a small fire that’s a few inches smaller than your skewers are long. You’ll be suspending your bacon on extra logs or stones placed on either side of the fire. Setting it up before getting greasy is a good idea. Keep in mind that wooden skewers won’t work for this trick since it is so close to the flame so you’ll need something metal unless you’re very cautious when cooking. If you can get away with wood, you can burn it after you’re done eating.

Grab your bacon and fold it accordion fashion, creating a square. Take your skewer and stick it straight through the middle of the packet of bacon and repeat the process until all of your bacon is on. You’ll want to use the zigzags to create space between each fold of bacon so it’s not pressed up together if you want crispy bacon. Those of us who like our bacon a bit more chewy can leave the bacon layers closer together.

Suspend the bacon on your two supports above the flame and let it cook a a few minutes and rotate. You’ll want to rotate your skewers to keep one side from burning too much. Be careful that when grease hits the flame it might light up more.

When your bacon is done, simply slide it off the skewer with a fork and enjoy!

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