Cots and Camping

CotsWhile not the most practical for thru hiking or minimalist camping adventures, cots are the perfect addition if you’re spending time camping with vehicles or if you’re staying at one campground for an extended period of time. There’s no doubt about it — cots are significantly more comfortable than hard ground. A cot is a good investment for people looking for more comfort than conventional camping pads and air mattresses can provide or those who will be living at a campsite for an extended period.

Cots come in various sizes and designs which means the quality, functionality, and weight varies quite a bit from model to model. The wooden one in the center of this photo is a large, heavy cot that wouldn’t be a good model for hiking in to a campsite and setting it up for a long stay. However, the more mobile options at the top of the photo are lightweight cots that can pack up smaller for easier travel.

Cots are perfect for summertime in hot climes because they keep you cooler as air flows around your sleeping space. If you plan on using a cot in cooler temperatures, a cot pad or sleeping pad is required to stay warm while sleeping. Cots can come with a huge array of accessories, ranging from mini tents that go over the cot for bug protection to stands for hunting gear. There are also cots with pockets on the side to hold all your gear off the ground if condensation or rain is a problem where you’re sleeping.

If you’re looking for a cot for a long-term camping trip, for when you’re out in the deer woods hunting, or even if you want something for your tornado shelter for overnight stays, we have a few models in stock worth a visit.

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