How to Repair Down Stuffed Gear

Ann & her Down Jacket by roger.williamsIt’s been crazy cold in Northwest Arkansas of late, which means many of us have been pulling out gear reserved for winter trips to areas much further north. Down sleeping bags and down jackets are some of the warmest and lightest weight gear around for cold weather but they’re also some of the most fragile. One snag and you’ll be bleeding feathers everywhere in no time. But fret not, there is a solution! Depending on how large your hole is, you might need a full-on patch or you just might need some liquid help.

For large gashes and holes in down gear or blown seams, use seam tape or a patch that is larger than your hole’s edges by about 1/2″. You can use adhesive patching kits but keep in mind that some of these fabrics used in the kits can decrease the warmth of your gear. The best option is to find a fabric of similar qualities to patch large holes with and cut it in a large, round shape to cover the hole. Cutting the patch in a round shape prevents the edges from peeling up during use. No matter what you decide for your patch, you’ll want to secure the sides down with Seam Grip or Fray Check.

For smaller holes a dot of Fray Check usually does the job. You can find Fray Check in the notions sections of most craft and sewing stores. Make sure to lay out your down-filled gear and smooth it out so the hole is laying flat. Using a small amount of Fray Check, cover the hole and be sure to make sure the edges of the hole are touching to seal the fabric back together. Fray Check acts like liquid thread and “sews” the hole up.

If, however you find that your hole just can’t be repaired, we have options in stock for warming you up in this freezing weather.

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