Titanium Cookware

titanium-cookware-by-Nick BramhallIf you’re a diehard ounce-counter and have some money to burn on the latest in cookware, titanium is probably what you’re after. Titanium is the workhorse metal for cookware that goes anywhere and does anything, all with the super lightweight benefits of the metal.

Titanium has the the highest strength-to-weight ratio known to man, which makes it perfect for minimalist backpacking and camping. You can really punish a titanium pot and not have to worry about it becoming unusable. It resists scratching, denting, and warping and you can chuck it into a hot fire without damage. You don’t have to worry much about protecting it if you choose titanium cookware without a non-stick coating.

Titanium doesn’t have the natural non-stick properties of some other metals, like aluminum that’s been hard anodized. Bare titanium isn’t best suited for frying up a meal so if you plan on investing in titanium cookware, think about non-stick coatings for ultimate usability.

Titanium heats quickly and evenly. Because it is so strong, manufacturers can Create a much thinner wall, which means that your water will boil faster than with other pans of similar features. If you’re not carrying water and need to boil water for consumption often, titanium is a good investment. Plus, you can heat it with much higher temperatures than other cookware without worries about torching the pan so cooking on high-heat burners is fine.

Titanium is more expensive than cast iron cookware or aluminum but is often worth the investment because they last and look great for years even with minimal care.  If you’re considering buying titanium cookware for camping, look for sturdy handles that will last as long as your pot will and packability so you can get the most out of your new cookware.

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