Shop with Uncle Sam’s on Small Business Saturday!

ShopSmall_BlueSmall Business Saturday is coming up! At Uncle Sam’s, we’re looking forward to welcoming you on Small Business Saturday and throughout the holiday shopping season.

Starting in December, we will be open Monday- Saturday 9am-8pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm.

But back to Small Business Saturday. We know that the big box stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day, but we plan to be enjoying the holiday with our families. We also know that the mass market merchants plan to have their standard doorbuster sales on Black Friday. OSHA has sent out letters to these giant companies asking them to have disaster plans ready and to keep in touch with local law enforcement in case of tragedies like those we’ve seen in the past. Something about saving a few bucks on stuff you don’t need can turn reasonable shoppers into a dangerous mob.

That’s not our idea of fun.

Instead, we hope you’ll join us on Small Business Saturday to look for great presents your friends and family will enjoy and find useful. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you find just the right thing. We have special goods you won’t find everywhere else, and shopping with us is a relaxing experience, not a stressful one. If you’re Christmas shopping, you’ll be able to think about the people you love and how your gifts will delight them. If you’re picking up some needed gear for a winter camping trip or hike, you won’t feel like you’re in danger of being trampled.

What’s more, you and yours are not the only ones who benefit when you shop small. Look at the benefits to your community when you support local businesses:

  1. Local businesses keep more of their revenue in your town — economists say three times more. The money you spend at a local business is spent again in your community, not sent out of town.
  2. Local stores provide jobs for local people, and often pay more and provide better benefits than chain stores.
  3. Locally owned businesses maintain the special nature of the community. What would Fayetteville be without Uncle Sam’s and the other unique businesses here in town?
  4. Local businesses also keep the town alive, fighting against downtown decay and urban sprawl.
  5. Entrepreneurship helps people move out of low-wage jobs and into prosperity. Supporting local entrepreneurs makes it possible.
  6. Local stores in town use less resources and make more efficient use of the community infrastructure than big box stores on the edge of town.
  7. Over the long run, many small businesses providing a diversity of products leads to a stronger economy than one that relies on just a few economic superpowers.
  8. Local businesses support local nonprofits. While big corporations may provide the large sponsorship checks that make the news, locally owned businesses combined provide more support overall.
  9. Locally owned businesses are emotionally invested in the community, and are more likely to make decisions with the good of the community in mind.
  10. Local businesses are owned by people you know. You, not far-away stockholders, are the VIP at your local businesses.

We look forward to seeing you on Small Business Saturday and every day. Happy Thanksgiving!

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