Camper Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift guide for campers photo by Laurel FanWhen you see a camper hiking down a trail with a pack full of supplies or a family pull up in their car packed to the brim to set up camp, you might think that campers are gluttons for punishment when it comes to gear. The truth is that many campers are addicted to camping gear and love talking about the latest and greatest of what they take along with them. That makes it very easy to find out the perfect gift for your camper for this holiday season!

If you’re still looking for ideas, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorites.


There are hundreds of kinds of tents with thousands of different combinations of features. Choosing a tent for someone else can be difficult unless you know what type of tent and features they really want. Gift certificates are a great idea if you want to get your campers a tent because it allows them to pick out something they want. Tent maintenance tools make a good gift for a camper that already has a tent but it’s in need of some repair. If you do decide to grab a tent as a gift, be sure to look at weatherproofing options if your camper goes on long adventures.

Sleeping bags and packs

Another popular gift is a sleeping bag but since these too are personal choices, we recommend gift certificates unless you know what your camper wants. Accessories for sleeping, like the Therma Rest NeoAir, are good gifts to keep your camper more comfortable on the next trip out to the woods. Packs are another item that you should usually leave up to your camper to pick. Minimalist campers tend to like the Boreas packs but other campers find that they don’t have enough storage pockets for small items.


Cozy outdoor clothing is a great option for campers, especially this time of year when the temperatures are low and campers need to bundle up. We carry lots of clothing that’s perfect for enjoying nature at its best and clothing that’s even fit for daily wear or casual Friday. Guys love Grizzly shirts because they’re comfortable and keep their shape well, even after abuse at the campsite. Gals enjoy bright colors in high-tech fabrics that make them the center of attention anywhere.


Camping isn’t complete without cooking! Campers use all kinds of strange things sometimes because they don’t have the right gear, even resorting to using sticks for stirring food. You can upgrade your campers’ cooking system to a Jetboil if they love warm food while camping or you can toss some backpacking foods into their stockings for quick and easy meals on the go.


Since campers are often out after dark, lights are great gifts. We have a good guide on how to choose a lantern and have lights like the Gorilla Torch in stock. If your camper has a flashlight they also might appreciate the Nite Ize, which turns a regular flashlight into a headlamp. Low tech solutions are a camper’s best friend.


Campers love getting out in the wild and spending time being one with nature, so why not make it more enjoyable for them? All adventurers can use a good map and guide, like the Delorme maps and Arkansas guides we carry. If you have a writer who loves to camp, buy them a Rite in the Rain so they never lose their writing because of a wet mishap. Other campers love the Zilla Tool Jr because it’s a versatile do-anything tool and others like the efficiency of the  Eagle Creek Pack-It System. Minimalists often love the Packtowl by MSR. And of course, they can hold it all together with a Loop rope!

Campers are probably some of the easiest people to shop for, at least for us. If you need help this holiday season to find the perfect gift, come visit us at Evelyn Hills in Fayetteville and we’ll help you pick out just the right thing for your camper.

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