Hiker Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gift guide for hikers photo by cruiznbyeHikers might tell you all they need is a good pair of sturdy shoes and a trail to enjoy their favorite pastime, but the truth is every hiker loves hiking gear, even the minimalists. Here’s our roundup of great gifts for the hiker you’re shopping for this holiday season.

Vasque hiking boots

We have a wide selection of hiking boots, including some boots from Vasque. They have a great record of lasting years even through the worst abuse of a hiker who takes to the trail hard. Since boots are a very personal choice and require hikers to try on different boots and testing them out, you can always purchase a gift card for your favorite hiker to pick out boots.


Sock for Christmas may be a popular joke, but with hikers they’re a popular gift. A lot of hikers won’t spend the money on good hiking socks and stick to the kind that come in plastic packages at mass retailers. We can list of the hundreds of ways these socks aren’t great for feet when hiking! Since the only thing between a hiker’s foot and boot is a sock, it’s important for hikers to have socks that prevent blisters and keep moisture low. We have brands in stock like Point 6 and Wigwam as well as imperfect socks that are a great buy for stocking stuffers.

Leki Trekking poles

For the Nordic hiker, Leki poles are the ultimate buy—they have the best hiking pole technology for easy and safe use. If your hiker uses just any old stick picked up along the trail, it might be time for an upgrade.

Vapur Bottles

Minimalists love Vapur bottles because they roll up into tiny packages but can easily carry a lot of water. For hikers who don’t like a lot of gear, this is a perfect stocking stuffer. Once they’ve consumed all the water, they can roll the bottle up and stick it in their pocket or bag instead of having to lug around an empty bottle.

Petzl Nao

Night hikers love this adaptive headlamp that changes luminosity for different conditions. Want to wow your favorite hiker with some cool technology? This is it.

Mountainsmith Lumbar Pack

Another great gift for the minimalist hiker is the Mountainsmith Lumber Packs—extra light with just enough room for necessities out on the trail.

Camelbak Elixir

Hikers drink a lot of water. Take care of your hiker with some tasty electrolyte replenishment from Camelbak. It works in Camelbak water bladders without getting things all gross so they’re perfect for the water-chugging hiker you know.

Thunderbird Energetica Bars and Epic Bars

Snacks are important when hiking but that often means overly sugary, not so good for you snacks. Skip the trail mix this year and give your hiker some healthy bars. Vegetarians and vegans love Thunderbird while meat lovers and paleo people love Epic bars.

Snake Bite Kit

A snake bite kit isn’t something a hiker would normally buy—it seems frivolous for something that will probably never happen. If you care about your hiker’s safety, a kit could make the difference between life and death. Poisonous snakes hang out in rocky and wooded areas here in Arkansas, as well as near water sources — which are also pretty popular places for hikers too.

Teva Sandals

If your hiker is more of a summer person, Teva sandals are a great way to support your hiker’s feet without generating too much heat. In Arkansas’ hot summers, Teva sandals can be a real treat. And they’re way better than those run down sandals your hiker has been wearing till they fall off.

Arkansas Guides

Hikers love to read up about different hikes to try and things they find along the trail. We have a great selection of guides for hiking trails and nature guides for Arkansas in stock.

Tilley Hat

Summer or winter, sun can do damage to skin and eyes, and your hiker needs protection from the sun. Hats are a great way to keep the sun’s rays from burning skin but not all hats are created equal. We have Tilley hats, which are arguably the best hats in the world for hikers, as well as a ton of other hats for sun and winter weather.

We have hundreds of other ideas for holiday gifts for your favorite hiker so be sure to come visit us at our location in Fayetteville in Evelyn Hills.

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