sweden-by-63gradHave you ever used a knife that is the knife of choice of a royal family? You can if you use a Morakniv.

Made in Mora, Sweden, these knives are considered the best in Swedish engineering and quality. As a Royal Purveyor, Morakniv is considered the best knife maker in Sweden and as a product ambassador to the world of what Sweden stands for and cares about. Most of Sweden is a wild place where people are few and far between, so a good knife is important.

Morakniv started off as beautiful handcrafted knives that were more decorative than practical. They were certainly strong and well-crafted to do the job but by today’s standards, you wouldn’t want to take it out into the woods. Today’s Moraknivs continue the same goals of workmanship but have a modern approach.

Today’s most popular knife by Morakniv is the bushcraft survival knife. Watch this video below to see just what the Morakniv Bushcraft Survival knife can do:

Morakniv incorporates high-strength plastics in with traditional knife making techniques to build knives that can endure a lot of abuse and are highly reliable. While the Bushcraft Survival is one of the most popular knives, there’s also a wide range of knives that take advantage of cold-rolled Swedish special steel. There are general use knives, companion and daily use knives, knives for fishing and filleting, and even specialized mushroom knives for gathering morsels from the woods.

Cold rolled steel has better surface finish and because it’s not heated, it doesn’t lose some of its strength the way hot rolled steel does. Since it’s also the right size when processed instead of having to cool and shrink to the right size, there’s a higher degree of accuracy in the blade. The longer you can preserve the blade’s edge, the better off your blade will be—cold rolled steel helps you do that.

We have different Morakniv knives in stock so be sure to stop by and see for yourself the workmanship worthy of a king!

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