Lapis Brushes

chalking-up-by- slopjopHands down the most famous brush in the entire world for cleaning holds, the Lapis Brush is made of tough bristles that do a great job of cleaning off every last grimy bit on a hold. It’s ideal for scrubbing chalk off holds on popular problems. But the Lapis Brush also comes with a tale of woe. Broken heads are a big problem with Lapis Brushes for most people, so much so that someone created a funny Facebook group to honor the fallen brush community.

Despite the weak neck of the brush, they’re still the best around. The trick is not to use the brush as you would a toothbrush, holding it at the end of the handle. Rather, grasp the handle in your palm and support the head by using your thumb or forefinger to push down on the brush’s head. If you’re in a tight spot where you can’t fit your finger and the brush, brush more gently and take your time rather than chugging away and pushing down hard.

Lapis brushes come in a wife variety of colors so you can pick colors that suit you best or ones that are easy to spot if you drop them. When bouldering, it’s not a big deal to collect your brush at the end of a climb but for higher climbs, losing a brush can be a real pain. We’ve seen people drill small holes into the handle and loop a small thread through to keep it attached to their harness so they didn’t have to worry about dropping their beloved brush.

One thing beginner climbers haven’t yet learned is that too much chalk can really ruin a grip. Chalk is also controversial on outdoor climbs because it can damage the rock, hang around for years, and look really unsightly. Land managers can decide to close bouldering areas to the public form too much chalk. Lapis brushes help climbers get the grip the need while still caring for the rocks on which they climb. Always be sure to clean up after yourself on a climb!

We have Lapis Brushes at Uncle Sam’s right now, so come on in and check out all the colors we have in stock.

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