Top 7 Scariest Camping Movies

camping-independentmanHalloween is just around the corner and some of us really love to get scared as All Hallow’s Eve rolls around. Camping can be pretty scary this time of year, especially when things go bump in the night. If you’re looking for a really scary activity, plan a camping trip with friends on Halloween night and go night hiking after telling ghost stories at the fire. It’s a recipe for a good freakout.

However, since Halloween falls on a weeknight most of us can’t go camping this year on Halloween itself. If you’re one of those people and are looking for a scary way to spend Halloween night, here’s our top 7 scariest camping movies.

Friday the 13th movies

Jason Voorhees and Camp Crystal Lake will forever be seared in your memory as one of the top scariest camping movies of all time. The thing is, there’s more than one.

Cabin Fever

Not for the weak stomached, Cabin Fever is about five teenagers who go on a vacation to a remote cabin. Seriously though, don’t watch it if you’re easily disturbed by rotting flesh.

Sleepaway Camp

Most of our camping experiences start at sleep away camp when we’re young. This Sleepaway Camp isn’t like the rest, however.

Race with the Devil

Half action movie half horror flick, this movie pits a satanic cult against two dudes in an RV. A chase ensues!

Blair Witch Project

The “found” footage of teenagers who decided to find the Blair Witch in the woods. Lesson learned from this movie is don’t kick your map into the stream when you’re angry that you’re lost, okay?

Evil Dead

More funny than scary, this movie was made by Bruce Campbell. He’s the champion of B horror movies full of campy humor.

Timber Falls

Always listen to the park rangers! One couple decides to take the advice of a local, despite instructions from a park ranger otherwise. Things turn for the worse when some locals go crazy.

Try popping these movies in after the trick-or-treaters have called it a night. It’s the next best thing to spending Halloween night out in the woods listening to twigs cracking and owls hooting…

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