cave-cloth-shirtsWe carry local brands from Arkansas and CaveCloth is one we absolutely love. They have cute and cheeky shirts with awesome prints. But they’re also probably some of the most ecologically responsible t-shirts and hoodies around.

The story is that Winston, the cave man from long ago, wanted something that was soft, wicking, and made with fade and cracking resistant inks that didn’t harm the environment. His t-shirts were faded, felt like a wet blanket, and the inks cracked and chipped over time. CaveCloth came up with the solution. Unfortunately, Winston, our cave friend, is long gone and isn’t around to enjoy CaveCloth shirts.

Made with a poly-blend, Cave Cloth shirts, hoodies, and other apparel have high tech benefits to keep you comfortable but aren’t scratchy like most t-shirts. They’re super soft and feel like cheating. The inks used in printing are called discharge inks and don’t have all the disadvantages of cracking and plastic-like features of conventional inks.

To understand discharge inks, we first need to understand water based inks. Water based inks are the best for ecological reasons—they don’t require harsh chemicals for cleanup so they keep toxins the lowest. But, like water colors, they just don’t work well on dark colors. Try painting a landscape with watercolors on a black piece of paper and you’ll see what we mean. But what if you could take the color out of the black paper where you painted? Those watercolors would pop.

That’s the idea behind discharge inks. They discharge the pigment from the dark colored t-shirt and return it to its natural color. Discharge inks with colors in them contain a water based ink that then takes over as the color for the discharged area. And voila! One rocking, ecologically sound, printed shirt. Water based inks are also really breathable and soft, unlike regular screen printing inks that use plastic based inks.

CaveCloth’s intentions are to make a simple t-shirt that gets the job done beautifully. We have to say, we think they do just that.

Come in and check out our selection of CaveCloth shirt designs!

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