Leki Trekking Poles

trekking-poles-by-peretzpLook no further for a better trekking pole than Leki’s innovative poles built for trekking, nordic walking, and skiing. Instead of wrist straps that can be cumbersome and dangerous, the Trigger S system on many Leki poles provides a safe and easy to use attachment system. And it’s pretty neat when you can just grab your pole and go!

Leki trekking poles are a two part system made of the pole itself and a glove; however, both parts can be used independently. The glove has a small loop between the thumb and forefinger and, when used with the pole, it simply slides and clicks into place in the pole itself. With nothing to wrap around your wrist, there’s less chance of breaking your wrist during a fall or losing your pole. It’s also a more natural feeling system that allows your hand to grip the pole without a strap getting in the way.

The poles themselves also have some pretty innovative technology. Leki trekking poles come with two different types of points. Some are available in a conventional point but Leki has something else up their sleeves—a pad. The pads on the bottom of trekking poles adjust to reveal a tipped point if you need it so they’re perfect for walking on any surface. Use only the pad on concrete or asphalt or use the tip for added support on loose terrain for a no-slip grip. Leki poles also have the best adjustment system in the industry that allow you to make quick adjustments for height without sacrificing strength.

Leki also makes conventional style poles with wrist straps but what’s still different about their poles is the grip. Leki was originally designed after a nordic alpine hiker realized that his pole grips were okay but nothing to write home about. After realizing that the perfect grip was a combination of a banana and an egg, he went home and developed the perfect trekking pole grip.

The easiest way to find a trekking pole that fits you is by trying them out, so be sure to stop by our store before you head out on your next adventure.


  1. Mary-Helen Hopkins says:

    Hi – I have practically brand new Leki trekking poles and I can’t get them to tighten now. I’ve followed advice found on-line, but nothing is working. One thing said to loosen the red rocket in the expander clockwise with pliers, but they absolutely don’t budge. What can I do to fix these? Thanks!!!

  2. Marge says:

    I already saw some blogs reviewing Leki Trekking Poles. Yours is no different that wholesomely its a fine pair. Maybe I’ll get one and also try it for myself. Thanks for the review!

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