Tent Maintenance Tips

tent-view-by- Rob LeeA lot of summer campers are putting up their gear for the season now that school is in session and weekends are occupied with other activities. If you’re retiring your gear for the season, be sure to do it properly so it’s ready for use next year.

If you’re a four-season camper, follow our tips to keep your tent and other gear in good condition so they last as long as possible.

Try these tips for tent maintenance:

When Pitching a Tent

  • Clear the area of sharp rocks, sticks, and debris. Not only will you be more comfortable, you won’t poke a hole or tear your tent floor.
  • Try not to wear shoes inside your tent otherwise you might damage the tent floor.
  • Don’t pitch a tent under dead limbs.
  • When assembling poles, don’t let them snap into place but guide them into place to reduce wear.
  • Use a ground tarp if you have room in your pack for added protection.

When Breaking Down a Tent

  • When breaking down poles, start in the middle and then break down section by section to release the tension on the line in the inside.
  • Try to break down tents when dry.
  • Sweep out as much debris as possible.
  • Leave open doors and windows so air and moisture can escape.
  • Try to fold in slightly different places so as not to create brittle creases over the years.

When Storing a Tent

  • If you couldn’t dry your tent before breaking it down, make sure it drys out completely in an area out of the shade before long-term storage.
  • Storing your tent loosely in a dry place will help prevent mildew and musty smells. If you live in a humid area, store your tent in a cardboard box with it slightly unrolled can help too. Never store a tent in a tightly sealed container or plastic bag.
  • Annual cleaning is a must. Be sure to vacuum out sand and dirt, clean and prep zippers with soap or wax, and repair any holes or stains.┬áKeep in mind that you should never machine wash a tent and only to use special washes made for cleaning tents.

Following these rules can help your tent last through many years. If you’re ready for a new tent, we have plenty of options for a new tent.

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