Therma-Rest NeoAir Mattresses

neoair-camping-by-michaelpollakCooler temperatures are approaching and that means sleeping on the cold ground when camping unless you have a mattress that keeps you up and off of it. Direct contact with the ground will easily steal away all your body heat while you’re asleep—making for an uncomfortable night. There are a lot of options for mattresses, ranging from closed cell foam mattress to air mattresses. We’re big fans of the NeoAir mattresses by Therma-Rest.

The NeoAir mattress line has lots of different options for different types of campers, from the ultra-light backpacker than wants a minimal option to the pickup camping looking for support off of the metal of the bed. No matter what your needs are, NeoAir mattreses are a good option to consider.

Their design is based on a matrix of compartments inside the mattress itself, divided down the middle of the mattress to create two large pockets, one facing the ground and the other facing the sleeper. This first level of division keeps your warm body heat on your side of the mattress, instead of simply feeding it through to the ground. Some NeoAir models have reflective surfaces on the sleeper side to keep you even warmer for very cold conditions.

Within each side of the mattress, there are triangles that create air pockets. Since air is a great insulator, it keeps you warm and supported up off the ground. The triangles create support and keep the mattress from bubbling up around the heaviest parts of your body like other mattresses do. You won’t find your back or hip touching the ground at the beginning of the morning like with other air mattresses.

The valve makes it easy to blow up, either by using your own lungs or a NeoAir pump sack, which is basically a stuff sack with a valve connector. Storage is also easier than with other air mattresses. Simply roll out the air and fold into thirds and it slides into a stuff sack for easy storage. You can use a rolled up mattress as a stool for double-duty.

Come and check out the line of NeoAir mattresses and see which is right for you—we’re sure that your back will thank you on your next camping trip!

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