Rite in the Rain

rite-in-the-rain-by-istolethetvHave you ever been out camping, written something inspired in your journal, and then woken up the next morning to pages that were damp and writing that started to bleed? Or have you ever dropped a notebook with field notes into a river while working on something important? If you’d had a Rite in the Rain notebook, you wouldn’t have that problem.

Rite in the Rain developed special paper in the 1920s to solve the problems of the logging industry in the Pacific Northwest. Since it’s so rainy there, loggers had a hard time keeping track of information. Paper would get soaked and be unusable after a short time out in the field. So Jerry Darling made the original Rite in the Rain paper and the company is still going strong.

There’s a huge line of offerings, from small pocket notebooks to scientific notebook sized graph paper perfect for researchers who need to go out and get wet. Almost all of the papers Rite in the Rain produces are archival grade, meaning they’ll last over a hundred years with normal use.

Can you write in the rain with these? Yes, you actually can. Water beads up on the surface and simply slides off, leaving your paper and writing completely unmarred. They recommend using a pencil or special all-weather pen to get the best use out of your Rite in the Rain paper.

Rite in the Rain is also committed to ecologically sound business practices. Their paper is recyclable, unlike other waterproof notebooks and papers, and the covers are made out of post-consumer plastics. The inks are soy-based and all the parts of the process of making the products has been whittled down to the utmost efficiency. All liquids and cuttings produced as by-products of production are recycled too. Talk about green! The paper itself can’t be made from recycled content because it weakens the fibers and doesn’t produce a product that meets the waterproof expectations so that’s the only drawback.

We have a bunch of Rite in the Rain supplies in stock so stop by and take your writing with you, wherever you go! These notebooks are even durable enough to be chained up and left outside as visitor sign-ins for parks and outdoor museums, as in the photo above.

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