Uses for Emergency Blankets

space-blanket-by-michael pollakTalk about emergency blankets, and most people will think of the silver blankets often called “space blankets.” There are a lot of different kinds of emergency blankets, though, ranging from some made of heavy wool fabrics to light weight options made for traveling. Probably the most versatile is the standard silver emergency blanket.

Here are 20 uses for a space blanket:

  1. As, you guessed it, a blanket
  2. For wet ground cover under a tent (they’re waterproof!)
  3. On top of a sleeping bag for extra insulation
  4. To signal for help
  5. As a wind break
  6. For a heat reflective shelter
  7. When caring for a shock victim
  8. As sun protection
  9. As a poncho during a rain storm
  10. Cut a bandana size for a makeshift hat
  11. As a reflector for headlights so other vehicles see you when on the side of the road walking or changing a tire
  12. To collect rainwater
  13. To melt snow
  14. As a rope, when twisted tightly
  15. As a horseshoe pack to carry extra gear
  16. Cut small pieces to use as fish lures
  17. As a pack liner to keep clothes dry
  18. As a water carrying device
  19. As window covers during an extended power outage to keep heat in
  20. As a fire starter

Mylar space blankets with just one layer aren’t meant to be used for long periods of time and don’t hold up very well but are great to have on hand for some outdoor fun or in the event of a short-term emergency.

We have a lot of different options in terms of emergency blankets so be sure to come by to learn about which options are best for your needs and which one you should keep on hand in case of an emergency.

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