Eagle Creek Pack-it system

Eagle-Creek-PackIt-System-by-Ben BrownIn the middle of the night, you wake up freezing and need that extra sleeping bag liner you brought in case the temperature dropped. The problem is you have no idea where it is inside your pack so you have to take everything out to find the one thing you want. When you wake up in the morning, you’ve got to repack all of your gear again just because you couldn’t find your liner.

If you’ve ever spent more than one night camping or traveling, you know what a hassle it can become to find what you need in a bag, even if you spent a lot of time organizing it meticulously. Eagle Creek has a solution for this common problem called the Pack-It System. This system is made up of smaller, compact caddies and bags that fit specific items so you can find the thing you need immediately without having to unpack every item from your pack. Instead, you can grab the appropriate caddy and you’re on your way. If you have to take other items out to get to the thing you need, you simply need to remove a different caddy and replace it, instead of having to refold clothes or sort through miscellaneous items.

The caddies are made for versatility too. For instance, there’s the 2-sided half cube, which has two compartments, one waterproof and the other with an open mesh. You can keep dirty or wet items separate from clean and dry ones so there’s no worries about having to take along extra supplies for sorting laundry throughout your trip. They’re also ideal for keeping clothes unwrinkled and make great companions for travel of any kind. They’re made to fit in Eagle Creek bags and packs perfectly but you can always use them in your favorite gear.

We have plenty of selection in the Pack-It line up in store so be sure to stop by before you hit the road.

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