Outdoor Research’s Ubertube

neck-sunburned-by hawk684Have you ever had the back of your neck just completely fried even though you were wearing sunscreen? Outdoor Research’s Ubertube is here to solve that problem. It’s essentially a tube of fabric that you slide down over your head and position to cover your neck — but unlike other neck gaiters, this one is meant for warm weather.

Made of polyester, the Ubertube wicks away moisture, is durable, and can be worn in many different ways because of the fabric. You can slide it up over your nose to protect your face while wearing a hat or go further so only your eyes are exposed. You can even slide the ends together to wear it like a headband. It’s a very versatile piece of clothing.

It also has Insect Shield woven into the fabric to defend against bugs. Insect Shield is an EPA-registered odorless insect repellent and lasts through 70 washes. Insect Shield is made with┬ápermethrin, a chemical used in tick washes and lice shampoo commonly used on children and dogs. Both of these are regulated by the FDA. Registration means it can be “used without posing unreasonable risks to people or the environment” and this chemical is below the low level of concern for the EPA. This means it’s safe and since you’re not applying it directly to your body, you’re safer than when applying repellent to your skin.

Since the Ubertube is meant for summer use, it doesn’t keep you very warm but if you’re out in cool weather for a walk it can keep the chill off. You can also wear it while sleeping to keep bugs away without getting hot in your sleeping bag. And if you’re headed to the mountains for some skiing later on this season, you can stay protected from the sun while you’re doing runs down the slopes without getting sweaty.

We’ve got a bunch of different Ubertubes in stock so come by and pick one out!

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