Petzl Nao

petzl-naoAsk any night trail runner what they look for in a headlamp and they’ll tell you a headlamp should be two things: bright and reliable.

Unfortunately, it’s a balancing act between these two features. Some bright lights start bright but slowly lose power until they’re just a faint light, decreasing on a curve. Others die out after burning at full power but do so much more quickly. It means carrying multiple batteries, even on a regular night run. There’s nothing worse than being stuck out on a trail because you can’t see enough to get back.

But what if there was a headlamp that adjusted luminosity and saved battery when you needed less light but knew when you were looking at something that needed brightness? It’s called the Petzl NAO.

Featuring a light detecting sensor, this headlamp knows how much light is reflecting back at your eyes. It’s programed to adjust the light depending on this feedback so you’re getting just the right amount. This means you can use less power when you don’t need a light at full blast and save battery power for later without having to adjust through modes or manually change the light and take your attention away from the task at hand. Instead of having to mess with your light when entering a tighter space when in a cave, running and taking your attention away from your pace, or even just when looking at a map at night, the NAO automatically adjusts.

However, don’t think this isn’t a super bright headlamp. It features two LEDs, one diffused and the other directed, both providing a lot of light. Reviewers say it’s bright enough to light up a canyon and give everyone else lighting envy. The head straps are secure enough to use while doing activities that might normally send another headlamp flying.

The lamp charges via USB and comes with an OS system that works with your computer. You can reprogram it to suit your needs better, give feedback about performance for it to adjust better, and use it to track your actions for better use of data.

We carry the Petzl NAO in store so be sure to stop by to see some revolutionary lighting in action.

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