Mountainsmith Lumbar Packs

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No, it’s not a fanny pack. It’s a tactical lumbar pack and it’s much, much more than that one your mom made you wear at Disney World when you were ten. Mountainsmith was founded in 1979 by a mountaineering man who wanted some serious gear to do some serious trekking in Colorado. The lumbar pack was his second invention and Mountainsmith has been the industry leader ever since.

Lumbar packs are smaller backpacks but instead of sitting high on your shoulders they sit around your waist on, as you might expect, your lumbar spinal area. Since it’s closer to your center of gravity, it’s a lot easier to maneuver with it and your balance isn’t affected as it might be with an ordinary pack.

Mountainsmith makes a wide range of lumber packs but the two most popular are the Day and Tour packs, both designed to carry everything you need for a day of anything. The Day is larger at 14 liters, able to carry quite a bit of gear. The Tour is a little more than half as big at 8 liters. The Tour, shown here, is big enough to carry two 32 oz. bottles in the side pockets and all your gear for a day, including a jacket, tablet or small netbook, and other gear. The Day is large enough to fit in enough for travel or even a overnight summer camping trip.

Lumbar packs are great for mobility so they’re perfect for running, hiking, mountain biking, or even dog sledding. Because your back is free to move, your whole body can move around more easily. We’ve even seen climbers use these packs. They’re also a great way to stay cool because the area they cover is much smaller than even the smallest of backpacks. That leaves the majority of your back, one of the biggest areas we use to sweat, wide open to take advantage of airflow.

Be sure to stop in and see what we have in stock for Mountainsmith lumbar packs! We’re sure to have one that’s right for you.

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