Team 5Ten Black

team510-teamblackThe newest version of the 5Ten Team shoe is the Black update. The Blue version, which incidentally is blue in color, had issues with fit on the heel for many people because it was just so dang difficult to get on. The Black has a new revised heel cup as well as a different shape of toe rubber covering to reduce the heat that tends to build up in the Blue. All in all, the black is a secret weapon for the most intense steep climbs and bouldering when you need serious grip.

It’s the best shoe for toe hooking because of the 2mm Stealth rubber that 5Ten specially developed to give you a strong grip when climbing. It can stick to the tiniest of areas so you can get where you want to go without your equipment holding you back. Some climbers also found the heel hooking of the Blue to be just around average for high performance shoe so the new design answers that complaint with even more heel hooking power. Nearly 80% of the Team Black shoe is covered with 3.5mm rubber on the rest of the sole.

The design of the shoe itself is really down-forced and unique to 5Ten shoes. Because of the design, it really allows you to stick the rubber toe to small areas. However, this doesn’t stop smearing as well as other high performance shoes. You just need to force the position well with your foot before attempting smear in the problem.

We advise all our shoppers to come try them on at our store instead of buying them online because they have a very special fit and are really hard to get on and off, even with the improvements. But that actually works to your advantage because it fits like a sock and just becomes a second skin on the rock, meaning your holds are even stronger and your 5Ten Team Black isn’t going to slide around even if you start to sweat on a tough problem.

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