Building a Bushcraft Kit

buchcraft-camp-by-Miranda WouldBushcraft is the study of nature and all the things you can use in nature for your survival, from making feather sticks to foraging. But you still probably need some equipment if you want to make it as a survivalist. This is where your bushcraft kit comes in.

A bushcraft kit is made up of the bare-basics essential items you’d need to survive should you need to go into survival mode. It’s similar to a bug-out-bag but different in that it’s based on complementing your skills instead of just providing what you need for a few days. A bushcraft kit gives you the equipment necessary but the tools are what you know about nature. Without a good knowledge of how to survive and use nature, this kit won’t really help you. We always recommend focusing on your knowledge and complementing it with equipment for anything you do, from climbing to camping.

But what should you have in your essential kit for bushcraft? Here’s our top 5:

  1. A general use survival knife, like the ESSE 4 that you can use to do pretty much any task that requires a knife.
  2. A flint. You can use the back of your survival knife to start a fire with a good flint.
  3. Shelter. While you can always make your own shelter with what you find, it’s a lot easier with tarp and paracord.
  4. Sleeping gear. We choose a sleeping bag and a bivi sack so we stay dry and warm in any weather.
  5. Cooking gear. A metal tin made for going directly into fire works best so you can boil water and cook food.

These basic pieces of equipment will give you the assistance you need to get by in the wilderness if you’ve developed a lot of knowledge about bushcraft. The best way to learn bushcraft is by learning from others so if you’re interested in bushcraft, be sure to take full advantage of the online community surrounding bushcraft or ask others to teach you vital bushcraft skills.

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