Sleeping Bag Hood Design

marmot-Nanowave 55While fall is nearly here and we’re all gearing up for colder weather, it’ll still be some time before you need to pull out the cold weather gear. Fall in Arkansas can be pretty crazy, with days in the high 80s or in the 50s. There’s really no telling what to expect. If you’re planning on camping with a sleeping bag, thinking about the hood design can give you some great clues to what type of bag you want and what to take with you for some cooler camping weather.

The Marmot Nanowave 55, for instance, is rated to go down to 55 degrees and is perfect for the weather changes at the beginning of fall when nights aren’t too chilly. You can unzip it if it’s a warmer night and with the two way zipper you can vent your feet if it’s a little bit cooler and you need some cover. But the hood design is what you need to look at in this bag.

Unless it’s chilly, you probably don’t want to sleep with your head covered up because it traps a lot of heat in your bag. You’ll wake up damp and sweaty instead of comfortable. The Marmot Nanowave 55 bag does have a hood but it’s pretty flat with very little contouring so the bag’s design doesn’t force you to keep your head tucked in the bag when it’s warmer. The bag does have a little bit of a curve, however, so it’s easy to pull it up and over your head if it gets colder and you need a bit more warmth.

Another feature to look for in a hood design is how easily you can adjust the hood during the night. Nanowave 55 bags have two jaw cords like all Marmot bags to secure the hood around your head if it gets cool. The cords feel different in your hands so you can adjust the cords in the dark without having to use a light to figure out which cord goes to which side of the hood. That means when you wake up a bit chilly as the temperature drops, you can easily get toasty again without even opening your eyes!

We have the Nanowave 55 in stock as well as other great hood designs aimed at doing different tasks. Be sure to stop by to see what hood style is right for your needs.

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