Introducing GorillaTorch

gorillatorchLanterns and lights can be a challenge at campsites, especially in wilderness areas. Now JOBY’s got something interesting up their sleeves. It’s based on their go-anywhere, attach-to-anything tripod design, which has taken amateur photography by storm. JOBY has now used that same tripod design to light up your campsite.

There are three models of Gorillatorches: the 100, the Flare125, and the Switchback. Each has its own unique set of features that make them great choices for the campsite.

The 100 has a 100 lumen CREE LED that can light up a spot up to 190 feet away and a dimmer to adjust the light to just the right brightness for any camping situation. Whether in your tent or out near the fire, you can wind this puppy around pretty much anything. It’s also got magnetic feet so if you’ve suspended your metal food box from a tree you can stick it to the bottom for extra deterrent for night time creatures. It’s also water and drop resistant so it can take a tumble and keep on going.

The Flare125 might be a better choice if you need more light. It’s got three red LED lights as well as a center 125 lumen white LED to create a strobe effect as well as a solid stream of light. They’re a great tool for getting help if you’re out in the woods at night and don’t want to ruin your night vision or just having a strobe dance party. Whatever floats your boat. With the same standard features as the 100, it’s a good choice for the emergency prepared crowd.

The Switchback is probably the most unique (though they’re all really unique) of all Gorillatorch’s offerings. It changes between a lantern that you can hang from a hook that folds into the lantern or set on a table. But with a few quick changes, it can also turn into a headlamp for personalized light to point wherever you’re looking.With one 130 lumen white LED, two 14 lumen flood LEDs, and two 3 lumen red LEDs, the Switchback is super versatile.

We have Gorillatorches in stock so be sure to stop by and pick up one of the best lights you’ll ever have.

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