Epic Bars

BisonBarHave you ever wished you could eat jerky without tearing it savagely your teeth? Or that it didn’t taste simply of salt but of something more, oh, epic? Epic bars are for you. They’re perfect for people on a paleo diet, for those who care about blood sugar levels, for gluten-free eaters, and for animal-eating animal-lovers.

The idea behind Epic bars is this: if you could eat the way our ancestors did over 250,000 years ago, it would be pretty epic. Epic bars aren’t made with soy puffs or gluten-based energy but instead are made of meat from beef, bison, and turkey with humane, pastured-centered lives. The beef and bison cattle are both 100% grass-fed on pastures and the turkeys are kept on a low-corn diet with plenty of room to gobble about.

Nutritionally, compared to other bars, Epic bars are much better for sustained energy because they don’t spike your blood sugar and crash the way many other bars do and provide real sources of protein.┬áPacked with between 11 and 13 grams of protein, depending on the variety, these bars offer a low glycemic index punch to supercharge your day.

They come in three different varieties:

  • Bison with Bacon + Cranberry – a smokey, nitrate free game-tasting bar with a hint of barbecue
  • Beef with Habanero + Cherry – a lively hint of spice with walnuts for a extra crunch
  • Turkey with Almond + Cranberry – notes of curry with cranberry

We have all three kinds in stock so if you’re curious, be sure to stop by and pick up a trio to try them out. They’re good for breakfast as well as on-the-go energy throughout the day.

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