How to Get Better at Anything in a Weekend

Rockclimbing-by-yannick-gringasDeadpoint Magazine highlighted how to become a better climber over a weekend in their article about how to send a weekend project. For those who don’t know climbing terminology, sending a project is when you finish a climb cleanly. Over a weekend, you can get better if you take steps towards it, says Deadpoint. But you can also apply the process Deadpoint outlines to just about any outdoor activity to get better in one weekend, if even just a little.

1.Pick the right goal
Deadpoint talks about how you need to pick something just at your limit within the last six months. If you’re looking to try a harder hike, more difficult climb, or go even harder at ultimate frisbee, aim for the best of the best you did in the last six months. It’s an achievable goal that you’re capable since you’ve done it before but still challenging.

2.Turn it into stages
Having defined rest points along a climb is a good way to make it through, writes Deadpoint. The same goes for your weekend goal, no matter what it is. Try to make a good division point for rest and reflection to prepare for the next part of your goal throughout the weekend so you don’t get burnt out and still have the drive to continue after a tough part that challenged you.

Part of getting better is finding out what works best for you and where your strengths are. Deadpoint asserts you should always test out your own abilities and theories instead of just accepting someone else’s ideas on how to conquer the climb, even if it means focusing on one part over and over. The same goes for any task you’re trying to succeed at—if you only try what has worked for other people, you’ll never grow as an individual.

4.Go through the tough points before going all in
Climbing requires doing the hardest points, the crux, over and over again. Before you can really commit to doing the whole climb, says Deadpoint, you need to be able to successful do the most difficult part without failing. It’s not always possible to do this in things like mountain climbing when the you have to hike in to get to the hardest point, but preparing for the hardest will get you through and make you better.

5.Visualize and Rest
Once you’re prepared to take on the route or whatever you’re trying to get better at, taking time to visualize success and mentally prepare while letting your body recover from whatever prep work you’ve done throughout the weekend will help you complete your goal.

6. Go for it!
When you decide it’s time to go for it, fully commit to giving it your all. Don’t fear failure but accept that it might happen and it’s okay if it does. There’s always next weekend!

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