Electrolytes — The Key to Hydration

sweaty-arm-by-minghongWe’ve covered the basics about summer heat and night time hiking to beat the heat. But sometimes you just have to (or want to) get out when it’s hot outside. You know you should drink about 1 liter of water per hour when you’re active in hot weather but replenishing electrolytes is just as important. Sweat is salty and contains some nutrients your body needs to keep at certain levels to stay healthy so when you’re replacing sweat, you need to think about those electrolytes too.

Oral I.V. is a small vial that contains many of the electrolytes your body needs that can be consumed directly or added to water. While many people choose sports drinks to rehydrate, the high level of sugar in these drinks can spike your blood sugar levels and aren’t great options if you’re into healthy food. A high fructose corn syrup laden drink can quickly undo all that work you’ve done in the gym while you’re trying to rehydrate.

Instead, Oral I.V. is just electrolytes and minerals in a purified water solution without anything else. No added sugars and no “energy boosters” that leave you flat in a few hours — just what your body needs and nothing else. You can mix it with a bottle of water if you prefer, or take it straight. There are plenty of testimonials about how Oral I.V. is a great way to help your body rehydrate better.

The best way, of course, to replenish electrolytes is through food but you don’t always have that option when you’re out on a hike, especially considering there’s isn’t a single food source that can give you everything you need. If you’re on a multi-day trip, you’re also not carrying sports drinks with you to rehydrate. Instead, give Oral I.V. a try and see if it helps you stay better hydrated.

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