Croakies for Water, Waves, and Summer Fun

hd_crk_xlHave you ever lost your favorite pair of sunglasses while out in the wilderness? Or scratched the lenses because you bent over after tucking them into your shirt? Instead of taking a chance on beaking expensive sunglasses, protect them. Croakies are the stylish solution you need. They’re an oft-imitated glasses retainer made with neoprene. You’ve probably seen them on campus since they’re tremendously popular with the collegiate crowd and are easily screen printed to add logos and group names. But don’t worry, we won’t think you’re not a real outdoor adventurer if you wear them.

Croakies are the best, after all, because they use a special backstitching technique that prevents the thread from unraveling like other brands of neoprene sunglasses retainers. So why should you even bother with some other brand? The first and the best, Croakies have a high adventure history.

Invented by a ski patrolman in Jackson Hole in 1977 after he lost yet another pair of sunglasses to the slopes, he got the idea from a Chinese finger trap that had become a popular joke with the ski patrol guys. Using scissors and an old wetsuit, he cut out the first pair and they became popular in Jackson Hole quickly. Without a name, the ski patrol called them croakies, or their version of “thing-a-majig” and it stuck.

Still headquartered in Jackson Hole, Croakies  takes care of production in Bozeman, Montana. When you buy Croakies you’re supporting American manufacturing and getting a high quality sunglasses retainer. They’re so good, they’re even standard issue on the Space shuttle since 1990!

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