Vasque Breeze GTX Hiking Boots Review

Vasque_Breeze_GTX_Hiking_Boot_waterproof2Vasque has been a leader in hiking boots for a long time. In 1965, William Sweasy traveled to Europe and saw hiking catching on as a fad there. He predicted it would soon take off stateside. The original boots were made with special lasts for men and women based on American feet, with a different last for each gender — revolutionary at the time for hiking boots. Sweasy also used input from world famous hikers for his boots and eventually changed the name from Voyageur to Vasque after an American peak to make the brand a fully-American endeavor.

Vasque hasn’t stopped there. They continued to approach their product in new ways and became an innovator in the hiking and trail running boot industry. In 2012, they even received the Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice Snow Award for their Snow Junkie boot. But one boot style that’s been around since the early 2000’s is the Breeze line of boots. And after a few years of wearing them, we can’t help but love them. We started with the original Breeze boots years and years ago and have stuck with them through their different models because they are great boots well worth the money.

While Vasque boots are designed with hiking in mind, they make great everyday boots for those who work outdoors or on uneven terrain. Saying a hiking boot is comfortable enough for daily use is really saying something about the comfort and build quality of a boot. They’re breathable but waterproof so they keep your feet cool and dry, just like a tennis shoe or sneaker. The athletic feel of the shoes goes back to the design stemming from athletic sneakers but with a high ankle cover, they provide the support hikers need for trekking on terrains of all kinds. They’re also designed to fit like a glove, reducing hot spots and wasted space.

When you wear out a Vasque boot, it’s not because the seams separate, the stitching comes undone, or because the tread starts to flap. We’ve worn out Breeze GTX boots down and will be picking up another pair of Breeze 2.0 GTX, the new model, soon. It’s simply because we’ve worn the soles down with use and the tread doesn’t have as much grip as it used to. With day in and day out use, we find that Vasque’s Breeze boots last well over a year, which makes them a great investment for enthusiastic hikers.

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