Hammock Camping, Updated

Hammock_by_theplotisslowxIf you’ve ever lain in a hammock, you know why they are so popular. There’s nothing quite like lounging under the shade of your backyard trees or like being gently rocked by a cool breeze in the park. But hammocks can be used for more than just relaxing in the park or back yard.

More people are starting to take hammocks camping and backpacking rather than a tent, and as long as you are heading to an area with trees, it makes a lot of sense.  Hammocks can be a lighter and more packable alternative to tents. Finding trees that are the right distance apart for a hammock is just as easy if not easier than finding a level and rock free spot to set up a tent.

You could sleep in a hammock like the one in the picture, but there are more refined options available now.

Travel hammock companies like ENO and Grand Trunk have even started making hammock set-ups that are specially geared towards those interested in hammock camping. ENO offers hammocks with a bug repellent treatment called Insect Shield.

Insect Shield is a permethrin treatment. Permethrin is a synthetic version of pyrethrin, a chemical derived from chrysanthemums. It’s a neurotoxin to insects, and very small amounts are toxic to disease-carrying biting bugs, but the EPA has approved it for use in clothing and camping gear. It’s used by the U.S. military, and is one of your best bets for bite-free hammock camping.

Grand Trunk has their Skeeter Beeter hammocks which have built in mosquito netting.Mosquito netting is a simple, chemical-free solution people have been using for centuries — the bugs just can’t get through to bite you. Skeeter Beeter hammocks are super lightweight, making them a great choice for backpacking.

Both companies make rain-flies designed specifically for hammocks, giving the same protection from the elements that a tent offers.

We carry both of these leading brands as well as others at Uncle Sam’s, and will happily get you set up to start hammock camping today!

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