Campfire Cooking with Dutch Ovens

dutch-ovens-by busbeytheelderWe love AETN’s Arkansas Outdoors program. It’s been around for 20 years and provides great information about Arkansas hunting and fishing as well as outdoor education centers.

There are also a lot of great resources for cooking from Arkansas Outdoors, as Phyllis Spear closes every episode with a quick cooking lesson or recipe.

Phyllis’s introduction to Dutch oven cooking is a great place to start if you’re looking for more intense cooking than you can do with lightweight hiking equipment. Watch the video below to find out Dutch oven basics:


Our only quibble is that some people are sensitive to mineral oil and it might cause an upset stomach. If you season your Dutch oven well with vegetable oils and keep it dry, you might find you really don’t need mineral oil.

Cooking in a Dutch oven is really easy, whether from briquets or from wood coals off the fire. Follow these easy steps to cook just about anything:

  1. Prepare your coals and place the desired amount under the Dutch oven.
  2. If you pan isn’t well seasoned yet, make sure to use some oil while cooking.
  3. Cook fragrant vegetables like onions and garlic first. Cook them till they’re just translucent by covering the Dutch oven and placing some coals on the lid.
  4. Put in your meat and any root vegetables or beans and let it cook. Add seasonings and sauces now. Cover again.
  5. Occasionally, you can stir it to keep it from burning. If you’re making a layered meal, make your layers after the meat has cooked completely.
  6. Once your meat is cooked to the right doneness, serve and enjoy!

For some great Dutch oven recipes, be sure to check out Arkansas Outside or this blog with tons of recipes. If you need a Dutch oven, we carry pre-seasoned 2, 4, 6, and 8 quart Dutch ovens. There’s a wide range of sizes perfect for you or a whole crowd!

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  1. Naveed says:

    My best advice is two own at least one cast iron black slkilet, and use this for almost everything you cook. They can be used in the oven, as well. Season it with oil when you first use it, and don’t use soap to wash it. They cook food with a wonderful flavor, and will last forever. I have 2 fairly large slkilets, for frying potatoes, and chicken. I would a dutch oven to use on my fireplace. Someday.Google Southern Living , or check out their cookbooks at a bookstore. Great southern recipes are my favorite. A sweet, raspberry tea sounds good about now. Sangria~you will love. Enjoy.

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