Gift Ideas for Northwest Arkansas Grads

kavu-wristletIt’s graduation time here in Northwest Arkansas! Last weekend was the big one at University of Arkansas and many people are having parties for their college grads this coming weekend. Other students are finishing up the last dregs of the school year and are looking forward to freedom. If you’re looking for some gift ideas and wanting to keep it local here in Northwest Arkansas, we’ve got some great ideas for all the grads out there who love to play outdoors.

High School Grads

If your high school grad is on the way to college, think about getting things that will be useful at college in the fall. Water bottles stuffed with some cash, a fun t-shirt, and a card can be a fun and useful idea. We have a wide range of colors and styles in stock.

For the girl grads, a wristlet is a great idea for future dorm life where they’ll want to carry the essentials to the dining hall and the gym. We’ve got some cute Kavu wristlets, like the one shown here, that are perfect for carrying ID cards, some cash, and a room key that works with ID detectors to open dorm hallway doors.

High school grads might also see this as their last “real” summer before they need to start focusing on adult life, so supplies for summer adventures might be great gifts. If your grad loves to spend time out on the river with friends, think about getting EcoExtreme or EcoPod so they can take their music with them. Guides to hiking and climbing in Arkansas make great summer fun gifts, especially if they’re staying close to home this summer. And if they’re headed to a music festival this summer, you can look for gifts that are handy for multi-day music events, like a tent, hammock, or Teva sandals.

When in doubt, a gift card for your outdoor sports fan grad is always a good idea.

College Grads

In all likelihood, your college grad is either freaking out about finding a job or excited to start their “real” adult life. Or they might be joining the Peace Corps, backpacking across the globe, or taking off on some other adventure. No matter what your college grad’s plans are for post-college life, helping them stay in touch with their hobbies can help them weather the storm of post-college life. Often times grads get so busy with work obligations and learning how to manage their lives that they lose touch with things they enjoy doing just for fun.

If your college grad is looking for adventure but has some gear already, ask questions about what they need and would love to have. They’ve probably used up the life in a lot of their gear and need replacements but have school debt to pay off before they can splurge on a new sleeping bag or tent. College grads who are into the outdoors probably know exactly what they’d like and gift cards can be great ideas so they get just the right thing. But if you’re looking for an alternative to a Uncle Sam’s gift card, think about getting them high end accessories they’d never buy themselves, like sunglasses, flashlights, knives and outdoor cooking gear.


No matter what age your college or high school graduate is, if they’re into the outdoors we have something for them. If you need help or advice on what to buy as a gift, we can help you stick within budget and get something they’ll love.

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