Do You Need a Crashpad?

When you’re bouldering, you’re not all that high off the ground, so you don’t have ropes. That means that when you fall, you fall all the way to the ground.

Notice that the sentence says “when you fall,” not “if you fall.” You’re going to fall. The object is to get back up, pretty much unhurt, and get back to the bouldering problem, so you can conquer it. If you break your arm, the problem has conquered you.

Working four  to twelve feet up, you need to be concerned about having something to break or cushion the fall, and also about having something between you and the pointy rocks, so you don’t end up bleeding.

So yes, if you plan to do much bouldering, you should have a crash pad. In fact, you should have several, or have each of your friends bring one when you go bouldering together. Stack ’em, lay ’em out in a row, or have your spotters place ’em.

At Uncle Sam’s, we carry Metolius crash pads. They use both closed cell foam, which breaks the fall and open cell foam, which cushions the fall.

The Metolius crash pads are cut on an angle for the hinges, which eliminates the gutter or the gap at the hinge to make sure there’s no hollow space where your fall isn’t covered. They’re also made with really durable fabrics, perfect for all the tumbles you’re going to take and the abuse you’ll give the pad. Metolius pads also stand up to being carried into your climbing spot with some shoulder straps on most of their crash pads.

Metolius crash pads have straps on them so you can carry them in your hand. The advantage is that you can maneuver them around brush when hiking to your climbing spot, instead of only behind able to carry it as a backpack style and getting stuck or having to shimmy in sideways. The closures reverse to cover the shoulder straps when you’re climbing so they’re tucked out of the way for your falls.

You’ll be glad you bought a crash pad.

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