Snake Bite Kit is a Good Investment

snake bite

An Alabama man is thankful that he was carrying an inexpensive snake bite kit last week when he was bitten by a venomous snake.

The snakebite victim followed the directions in the kit to extract the venom and was able to drive himself to the emergency room, where the doctor he saw told him that without the snake bite kit, he would probably have died.

We carry snake bite kits at Uncle Sam’s. These are inexpensive kits, small and easy to pack, and they contain everything you need to respond to a snake bite quickly — including instructions.

The Alabama man whose life was saved by one of these kits said to buy a few and put them in your vehicles, your hiking pack, and your hunting vest. It’s a small investment with a big payoff: it can save your life.

“Please don’t blow this off,” the snake bite victim said. “Do it tomorrow!!!!”

Come on in and pick yours up today. Spring is the time when snakes begin to wake up and move around. They don’t have any malice toward people, but you can easily disturb or frighten a snake and they will bite you. There’s no reason to take a chance.

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