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teva-sandals-on-water-by-stevesworldofphotosAs the temperatures are warming up, we’re on the search for the perfect sandal for summer. One that can go anywhere and do anything, all while looking stylish. Teva sandals are perfect for summer, are designed for real life adventures, and even stand up to answer some big problems in the world. Who could ask more of summer footwear?

Teva was founded in 1984 on the Colorado River and since then they’ve been completely dedicated to producing great products while making a positive impact on the Earth. Water is where they got their start so they’ve focused their efforts on helping clean up waterways around the globe. For every pair of Teva shoes sold, one cubic foot of shore is cleaned. But this isn’t just a fad campaign. Teva has been focusing on efforts to protect water for the past 25 years!

But a great campaign is nothing without a great product to back it up. Teva sandals are high quality and are constructed to last. You’ll get more than one summer out of a pair of Teva sandals. These sandals can go pretty much anywhere–from beach to trail to water–and take it all in stride. Teva sandals come in a variety of styles, from the good old standard flipflop to trail shoe styles and even cute wedges for women. Soles are rugged and made for conquering terrain without slips and falls so you can go from standing in water to climbing on rocks without slicing up your feet or falling on your face. But they’re also stylish enough to wear into town after a hike out in the woods for some shopping or to grab a bite to eat.

At its simplest, this means you won’t have to change your shoes multiple times throughout the day. If you like to fine-tune your experience with multiple perfect shoes (yeah, we’re like that, too), you’ll want to have more than one pair of Tevas. If you’re looking for a shoe to keep you cool but with as much support as a trail shoe, check out the more substantial trail shoe style Tevas. And if you’re looking for a sandal for a trip that will involve water sports, check out a Teva sandal with more water-friendly features. We can help you select the right Teva sandal — and we just got a new shipment in with the latest models for this summer season so come visit us in Evelyn Hills!

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