Grand Trunk Hammocks Do Double Duty

hammockGrand Trunk is all about making quality goods that are meant for travel, not just a trip. A trip, the idea goes, is just a short jaunt once. Those who want to see what the world has to offer in the long term are travelers. Founded by two travelers who met in Thailand, Grand Trunk was born out of a necessity for a better sleeping system. Hammocks can go anywhere and are a great utilitarian item to camp with, especially if you’re into super light travel.

Instead of taking a tent, sleeping bag, sleep pad, and rain gear, take a hammock. Hammocks are great alternatives to tent camping which can require a lot of heavy gear and setup time. Instead, find two trees about twelve feet apart and call it home. If you’re doing camping that needs a bit more protection, look for a slip-on sleeping bag that’s made for hammocks by Grand Trunk. If you’re expecting rain, just add another stuff sack with a rainfly and you’re high and dry in your hammock. Everything fits into a stuff sack with a hammock sleeping system and are extremely lightweight options, meaning more space for other gear and less hassle.

Hammocks can do double duty for a lot of jobs, making them great for those who love ultralight camping. Freak downpour? Hammocks make great shelters. Can’t find two suitable trees nearby or want to take a quick nap? Your hammock becomes a ground cover. If you’re traveling internationally, hammocks are often the choice for sleeping arrangements in tropical climes because they keep you cool and off the wet ground. Not to mention that bugs and other critters have a much harder time getting to you in a hammock.

Grand Trunk hammocks are made out of parachute nylon silk, meaning they’re tremendously durable and will stand up to a lot of abuse while keeping you cool and comfortable. It’s a lot better than sleeping on lumpy or uneven ground, if you’re ready to be airborne!

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